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Nov 23 2014 From now if you install again Memsoria Client, you can open it ma...
Nov 03 2014 We have added 3 another hidden EXP Places. Ask Fiona!
Nov 03 2014 From tomorrow 11:00 PM will be added hidden EXP Places. Informati...
Oct 31 2014 We have unlocked sVIP, Ariane and Myxic Zone for new players! sVI...
Oct 30 2014 We have added 1 new experience place with Zgredek and 2 with new ...

Konkurs na Najładniejszy Domek - wyniki!    
Nadszedł już czas ogłoszenia wyników konkursu na Najładniejszy Domek. Wybaczcie, że tak późno, jednak mieliśmy nawał pracy w związku z updatem, jaki dla Was szykujemy. Jesteśmy zadowoleni z ilości oraz jakości Waszych prac. Wybór oczywiście nie był łatwy. Poniżej prezentujemy listę zwycięzców wraz z ich pracami:

1. miejsce:  Yeebaka
75 punktów premium + unikalny przedmiot dekoracyjny + sVIP

2. miejsce:  Kyotashika
50 punktów premium + unikalny przedmiot dekoracyjny + 5x Ivory Bones

3. miejsce:  Theleniu
25 punktów premium + unikalny przedmiot dekoracyjny + 3x Ivory Bones

Dziękujemy wszystkim za udział, zaangażowanie, rywalizację. Punkty postaramy się jak najszybciej rozdać. Dodatkowo wszyscy uczestnicy konkursu otrzymają od nas unikatowy przedmiot dekoracyjny oraz dyplom uczestnictwa w poniedziałek tuż po shutdownie! Jeszcze raz gratulujemy zwycięzcom! Swoje nagrody znajdziecie w depozycie.

Written by: Karolajna | Sent: 2014-11-01 23:29:08 | Forum

Competition for the most nicely decorated house    
In connection with Your suggestions on our Forum - we decided to organise competition for the most nicely decored house on Memsoria. To take a part, you have to send on our e-mail: memsoria@tlen.pl screen showing your decored house with your in-game nick. We will accept your application up to 27 October 23:59, so you have over 2 weeks, counting from today. What would be the prize? We will choose from application that you send to us three players. Rewards will be quite high. We are waiting for your works! :)  

Competition for the most nicely decorated house - Memsoria.pl

Written by: Cris | Sent: 2014-10-12 20:40:48 | Forum

Memsoria Movie 2014    
And there you can see the movie which represents one of wars:

Written by: Zetexen | Sent: 2014-09-27 03:06:49 | Forum

The Winterfell Castle Quest +7k!    

At about 4am we finished work on The Winterfell Castle Quest (something for fans of Game of Thrones). You can expect in this case an expansive storyline, and RPG climate. To go to the castle of Winterfell, we need 30 black dresses, that drop from the Goner, Super Quara and Susan for one of the daughters of the captain. reward is 3 upgrade removers, used to removing the unwanted item upgrades. Good Luck!

Written by: Cris | Sent: 2014-08-03 04:04:03 | Forum

Premium points for done tasks!    

To give opportunity to enjoy all of the possibilities in game on our server, for those who do not have money to purchase items from our SMS Shop, we have introduced tasks for premium points. From now, for every 10 made tasks You can get 5 points premium. We remind, that in game we have more than 60 tasks to be done, so there are 30 points waiting for You. We have hope, in this way we will give possibility to play, for those who cannot afford game with all accesses. Tasks can be exchanged from today at the NPC John, who is in the Svip zone.

Written by: Cris | Sent: 2014-07-12 17:02:46 | Forum

New EXP Places and Quest    
Today we added 2 new EXP places from 18k experience level with a new monster: Mr. Pirate (task is now available). We also did not forget about Quest, which reward is a new spell, different for each Profession. The requirement of transition the mission is minimum 12k level.

Written by: Cris | Sent: 2014-06-23 06:13:29 | Forum

Invisible item removed from the game    
Due to bugs, that players take advantage of using Invisible item, it has been irreversibly removed from the game. Those, who had it in their houses, deposit or with them, received a refund of points to account (60 points).

Written by: Cris | Sent: 2014-06-20 00:23:00 | Forum

New riddles to solve!    

Npc Rabadon, located in the room for players from 4000 level, has for You from today new missions to complete. Some of them require thinking and can take a few hours. The reward You get is 2 upgrade runes, addon doll and some EXP. Good luck!

Written by: Cris | Sent: 2014-06-19 18:12:40 | Forum

The end of lags    
Today we have banned some IP on the server, so this is probably the end of the lag. We apologize for the problems and invite you to play! :-)

Written by: Cris | Sent: 2014-06-08 21:45:26 | Forum

Next update!    
You wept, that you have no place, to gain level. So we took care of this and we have added a new spots, that will make your game more enjoyable. And what you can see on Memsoria 18th may at 6 AM?

  • new monster:Maxi (14.5k+ lvl) and 3 big spots with it,
  • New monster: Grim Mummy (17k+ lvl) and 2 big spots with it,
  • we have added 2 spots with Mutater Interloper,
  • we have deleted some map bugs,
  • we have added 2 tasks with new monsters.

Written by: Cris | Sent: 2014-05-18 03:17:08 | Forum

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