The Statute of    
By registering an account on the server OpenTibia "MemsoriaOT", you automatically accept the following terms - General rules of "Tibia" game also applies, and in the rules below there may be references, mention or amendment.

I – Definitions

1. By the term page should be understood website located on the Internet at
2. By the term forum should be understood forum, or part thereof located on the Internet at
3. By the term world should be understood application (TheForgottenServer) enabling online game, shared on 717X port (status protocol) 718X (game protocol) at IP
4. By the term character should be understood character on world assigned to a particular account.
5. By the term player should be understood person playing unpriviledged character.
6. By the term account ban should be understood temporary, or permanent, often resulting from a number of account criminal records, block your account.
7. By the term notation should be understood entry to crime file of whole account of player which later can be reason to the lockout.
8. By the term namelock should be understood temporary character block, wchich disappears, when name change of this character occurs.
9. By the term administration should be understood group of players, who have the power on the server, or the world. The administration consists of different groups: "God", "Community Manager", "Senior Gamemaster", "Tutor", "Senior Tutor" and "Gamemaster". Member of the administration is authorized to give notes, namelocków, or lock the account.

II – Accounts

1. Forbidden is creating characters with names:
- offensive,
- vulgar,
- which are meaningless strings,
- similar or identical to a member of the Administration,
- containing prefixes impersonating Administration, for example, "ST Michał", "Gamemaster Piotrek" etc.,
- motivated: racist, Nazi, sexist, ethnic, religious.

Rule violations will be punished with namelock, and in the absence of a willingness to "cooperate" by the player, he or she will be punished with ban. Please note that the name of "Mighty Sword" are allowed, because they match the atmosphere of RPG.
Change of the account holder does not give permission to change the nickname.

2. It is not prohibited to share your account with other players or third parties (but we strongly discourage it).
3. Each account holder is responsible for his name and account password.
4. For trading accounts, characters and items, or any attempts sole responsibility of the account holder.
5. An attempt to defraud or steal your account will be permanently banned severely punished and locked the account to an IP address, or in the case challenging the entire subnet.

III – Game

1. Full force, perhaps with a few exceptions, netiquette. To Trolls we say: NO.
2. Using profanity by the player is allowed, but only within the limits of good taste, when the situation demands. It is worth noting also that censorship is considered profanity.
3. Channels and their purpose:

- Help: is to ask questions Entourage and other players, if Administration allows it - you can use this channel as an open channel to speak with others on every subject,
- Game-Chat: is to ask questions to other players as well as various talks about the game,
- RL-Chat: used to talk about everything and about nothing,
- Trade: used to place offers to sell / buy / trade items,

4. Effective use of channels in order only purpose for which they are intended.
5. Help rebuke the channel may only members of the team.
6. It is not prohibited or punished entering the "exp" or killing monsters belonging to the "respawn".
7. The use of server errors (eg deliberate teleporting to run using a "magic wall" to exit the closed areas), the game is a penalty, depending on the offense.
8. Any activity to the detriment of the server will be punished permanent ban.
9. Impersonating a member of the administration is strictly prohibited and punishable by ban.
10. It is forbidden to rely on members of the administration (eg, "GM is a friend of mine, just get banned from it").
11. Using Multi-client (MC) is not prohibited, it is not disputed and can not be punished.
12. Threatens, or any other actions detrimental to the team or a member of his friends just because they punished a player or just have it so, and no other function or position, shall be liable to account lockout.
13. It is allowed to use of any of the programs that facilitate and / or support the game (bots), and in favor of the owner.
14. It is forbidden to advertise other servers without the express consent of the member of the group confirmed "Community Manager".
15. Writing reports stupidity, private matters and texts like "Gm ho" is prohibited. The content of the report should be considered your problem and briefly describe it and then wait patiently for a response.
16. Report violation by another player must include proof (screenshot, which must include the entire contents of the client window, not just the part, or the whole film events thrown on, which fully visible breaking the rules. WITNESS IS NO PROOF.
17. Gracz nie decyduje o karze, tylko członek administracji, więc prosimy nie ingerować w decyzje podjęte przez administrację.
18. Any attempt to bribe, persuade, or a member of the team forge evidence against the other players are locked account.
19. Ignoring special individual or member of the administration of global commands (may be given by members of the team) or not filling can be punished ban.
20. Ignorance of the rules can be punished in a manner chosen by the member of the administration.
21. If a player argues with a member of the administration of the rules and it is wrong, it is immediate account lockout.
22. Forbidden is a bargain (the exchange) items, accounts or characters for SMS, transfer, charge on other servers OT, games, websites, etc. The exception are payments through Memsorii (such as the sale of the amount of text on 3.69 ).
23. Klient dokonując zakupu produktu lub usługi wyraża zgodę na otrzymywanie informacji związanych z produktami lub usługami oferowanymi przez Memsorię, darmowych produktów lub usług Partnera jak również informacji na temat promocji, konkursów oraz innych działań komercyjnych prowadzonych przez Memsorię.
24. Zakazane jest tzw. free items, czyli masowe rozdawanie przedmiotów innym graczom (w celu klimatu RPG).
25. Zakazane jest tworzenie nicków z nazwami potworów istniejących na serwerze Memsorii.
26. Zakazane jest blokowanie wyjść z tzw. protection zone (strefy wyłączonej z walki), masowe stawianie przedmiotów uniemożliwiających przez ich przechodzenie (np. fortepian) czy blokowanie graczy w PZ (strefie wyłączonej z walki).
27. Zakazane jest obrażanie członków administracji (w tym tutorów). Jakiekolwiek obelgi kierowane w stronę tutorów/senior tutorów/GM/CM/godów będą kończyć się blokadą konta.
28. Zakazane jest blokowanie wyjścia z NON-PVP strefy (np. Zombie Areny, Firestorm czy na terenie Devil Stone Rajdu). Celowe blokowanie dłużej niż 30 sekund będzie kończyć się blokadą konta.
29. Utrudnianie innym graczom dostępu do jakiegokolwiek miejsca na mapie jest karane kickiem do temple lub też banem na postać - nie dotyczy warów. Tylko god po uzyskaniu odpowiedniego screenshota może zbanować daną postać, gdy blokowała ona inną postać na więcej niż 5 minut - niezależnie od strefy (PZ/poza PZ).

IV - Administration

1. The team are people too! They have the right to error, they have their lives and are not for your call.
2. Members are trusted enough players, as evidenced by their position, who do not require additional verification.
3. Administration is not responsible for loss of data to your account such as account name, password, email address, or recover key. If you do not remember or got lost - your account is gone!
4. Administration is not responsible for damage caused by any errors player software. Nevertheless, cases added 'items from SMS Shop' can be contacted by specially appointed for that player and / or through the forum.
5. The administration does not deal with teleporting players with the task, creating objects and monsters. Messages like 'plx' can be punished.
6. The administration has the right to take action as it deems fair, to enforce the rules.
7. The player has the right to appeal against the decision of a member of the team, in a special section dedicated to this forum, be supporting the evidence. Otherwise, it is ignored.
8. Administration for personal gain false information in the reference or recourse hoping to change the decision by a member of the team, despite the knowledge and the fact that the action undertaken was the right one will be penalized or even banned prolonged increase of the punishment.
9. Member of the team may choose to ignore all the stupid news, and even more so refrain from writing off on it as soon as it sees fit. If you think your case or the case to be urgent, wait a while and try again, maybe the situation will change.
10. Member of the administration does not have to, but may explain its decision to the player.
11. Member of the administration has not the slightest obligation, the more eternal, hold evidence utwierdzających decision he made.
12. Special case, to be decided by the player placed higher than decisive, may require such proof or reason, and no other decision, which becomes a requirement.
13. Disadvantaged (without any of the prefix-"GM", "SM", "CM", "God") forms of administration and a member of the group "VIP" are its characters and private spaces of the same rights as ordinary players. This also applies to reporting under the nickname the form errors, suggestions, complaints or reports.
14. In case of an error a crew member, a person placed above him decide what punishment awaits, if at all, waiting. So please do not interfere in the affairs of the team, because it still will not change anything.
15. Members of the group "God" are not subject to any law, and their decisions can not be challenged in any way, but they can take the position at the request of the majority of the team.
16. The administration reserves the right to change the above terms and conditions without giving any reason, and points out that in the case when the change is good for any of the players: the law is not retroactive.
17. Reklamacje prosimy zgłaszać mailowo na adres:

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