Cast System    
List of players who have provided the opportunity to watch how they play. To access any cast you have to open game client, login with no account name and no password, press enter - you will see list of all casters - select one of them and press enter, enjoy!

Name Description Viewers

To start a cast you have to type /cast on, to end stream use /cast off. More detailed list of commands below:

  • /cast on - start casting.
  • /cast off - stop casting.
  • /cast password PASSWORD - set cast password - you can use also `pass` or `p` instead of `password`. `PASSWORD` should be replaced by YOUR password that you want to set and can not be longer than 10 characters.
  • /cast password off - remove cast password.
  • /cast description YOUR DESCRIPTION - set cast description - no longer than 50 characters. You can use `desc` or `d` instead of `description`.
  • /cast ban PERSON - ban spectator.
  • /cast unban PERSON - unban spectator.
  • /cast bans - see list of banned spectators.
  • /cast mute PERSON - mute spectator.
  • /cast unmute PERSON - unmute spectator.
  • /cast mutes - see list of muted spectators.
  • /cast viewers - see list of viewers.
  • /cast status - see viewers count, description and password.
  • /cast update - IMPORTANT COMMAND - use it to save cast description and other settings.

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