Free points for level!    
To encourage players to stay longer on our server, some time ago, we have introduced a new system that automatically gives you points for reaching x lvl. Points motivate you to play and constantly growing big in strength through constant character development. Below are respectively, the level that is required to get and the number of points received once after crossing the barrier:

  • for 1.500 lvl: 5 points
  • for 2.500 lvl: 7 points
  • for 5.000 lvl: 5 points
  • for 10.000 lvl: 10 points

The requirement to obtain points on your account is to have sPromo status (Super Promotion Item), which is available in SMS Shop and from Quest for players with 2000 level.

Points for done tasks!    

Additionally we introduced into Memsoria premium points for done tasks. For 10 done tasks you get 5 premium points to SMS Shop. Where can I get my points? You just have to go to sVIP zone and find NPC John. In game we have 60+ tasks to do.

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