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Lots of people have problems, or they event do not know that playing with Elf Bot can make your game easier or shorten time for switching our hotkeys on by creating Icons.

In this tutorial I will show you, how, in an easy way we can make your game better and easier with icons such as these :)


We launch Elf Bot and enter category Icons:

Then we will see this form(detailed description of functions below image):

Description of Individual Functions:

Name - Icon name.

Lclik - Action of left-click on icon.

Rclick - Action of right-click on icon.

Size - Icon size.

On - Runs an icon.

Bkg Draw - Shows icon in the background.

Enable icons - Makes all icons active.

Copy - Copy parameters from Inactive state to Active state.

Make icon space top - Makes spot for icons top of game window.

Make icon space bottom - Makes spot for icons bottom of game panel.

Large - Makes spot for icons larger.

Inactive state - Colors, place of an icon, when it is inactive.

Active state - Colors, place of an icon, when it is active.

Xpos - Type here coordinates of game screen for icon.

Ypos - Type here coordinates of game screen for icon.

Text - Icon name which will be displayed.

Icon ids - Icon ID(we will check by double-click on item in game.

Bkg ids - You choose id of item which will be "under" Icon ids. In this place we choose background of Icon.


For example I will use ID 3549 - Soft Boots, and script on automatic "utani hur".

Colors near "Haste" depend on Active or Inactive icon. (Inactive state - Inactive / Active State - Active )

And our icons looks like:

Tutorial describes basic ICONS functions and creation of first own icon.
I leave rest to you and wish you nice icons :)

It is my first tutorial ever created, please do not be harsh on me. In next parts I will do even better!

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