Ariane Quest    


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Difficulty is .
Recommended level is 450.
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Ariane Quest

After completing this quest you gain access to exps like:

  • Multis
  • Krier
  • Lucyfer

To complete this quest we need 5 items from quests in quest room and VIP area:

1. Massive Fire Elementals Quest

min lvl: 450
Prize: Stomper


2. Knowledge Quest

min lvl: 80
Prize: holy falcon & dark lord's cape

holy falc

3. Ponuraks Quest

min lvl: 450
Prize: Mining helmet

min helm

4. Behemoth Quest

min lvl: 80
Prize: green legs & valentine's cake

valentine cake

5. Masters 13 Quest

min lvl: 400
Prize: Pigeon trophy


NPC Ariane

When we finish all these quests we go back on sTticket and we go (of course with items inscribed above coloured red) until the very end down (we have also to complete Myxic quest) and talk to NPC Ariane hi-help.


Now, we have access to new monsters.

ariane wewnatrz

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