Cathedra Quest    


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Difficulty is .
Recommended level is 3000.
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a) s promo
b) 3k lvl

Monsters on the way:
-Black Hero

We start at s promo, choose the first door on the right.

We land on the island where are only chasers. We go
south looking for stairs.

Go down, kill Tamers and go out the next stairs to the top.

We go all the time north until we find NPC than we say
hi > pytanie > susan

NPC takes us straight on a few ponuraks. We are looking for somewhere where you can go down (3 lvls Down)

We go down where we face Tamers. On selected blue point
locations we move the levers that unlock teleport highlighted in yellow.

Will be waiting for us a few Susan. We go down and go to the next
teleporter to the north. After teleport and killing a few brands we go through

We lands in a dark place with the Dodgers. We go to the end of a short spawn and
enter the teleport, where are waiting for us a few Susan.

Now begins the hardest thing in this quest. Labyrinth which we pass
according to these guidelines:

1) From the landing place we go to the right then upwards and to the left to end
stairs we see on the left side

2) From the stairs to the north and to the right of the stairs

3) from the stairs to the left and to the north then to the right near the stone then all
time down to the next stair

4) from the stairs we go down and to the right. Ho down the stairs when we get out
go left to the next stairs. Here we go:

5) we go down and to the right all the time to the end then to the top and we see
another stairs then only to the top and we can see  the teleport.

We land in a cave with Susan. We beat them and go to the end of the cave where
we meet Black Hero. After killing enter the teleporter where are waiting for us

by Paleczq

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