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Recommended level is 8.
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8-40 lvl

After first log in we are in quite large room with mysterious chests, curiosity does not allow to pass by so we look to every chest and we will find lots of useful items. After equipping them we are overwhelmed with great desire to become Memsoria hero. So, we take weapon do one hand and shield to the other and we go on ,,ROTWORMS,,. After killing first we became stronger, so we kill the other until we get 25 level. Now we are ready to face the whole world of Memsoria. We go back to where we came from. We see two blue teleports. We randomly pick one of them and step in. Suddenly, we are in small room where is another six such teleports. Go to the teleport with ,,DEPO,, text on it. And we are in depot. As we earned some money when we fought rotworms, we buy AOL(to not loose your eq after death and get the ammulet use command - !aol) and blesses(less level loss, command - !bless). Rest of the money leave in depo and go north-west corner of depo. Go to teleport. We are in place where are lots of monsters and every one of them has its own teleport. We go up, because there are the monsters that we can face and we go to teleport with ,,DWARFS,, text. We kill them until we reach 40 lvl.


41-150 lvl

After heavy fight with DWARFS we go down (in the monsters room) and we see ,,DRAGONS,,. Dragons are stronger than dwarfs but theyre not too strong for us. We kill them until we get 120 level. It seems dragons are too weak and there might be no fun anymore from killing them. We go back to monsters room. We choose ,,DEMONS,, now. After first face-to-face with demon we feel tired, but we know that Memsoria needs a real hero. We go back on the battlefield and fight them until 150 level.

Dragi i demce

VIP and Tasks

After reaching 150 level mysterious voice told us that we have VIP which is equal to access to very strong monsters. We head south from demons. There is a woman. Her name is Hana Adams and after short talk she says that she can pay us a lot for killing specified ammount of monsters. We are willing to take the challenge >>(hi-tasks-monster_name-yes).

Hana adams


151-700 lvl

After looking around we see that the most suitable monsters for us are QUEEN THE ROTES and SUPER FURY, so we go fighting them. After leaving PZ it reveals that monsters need about 2 seconds to make our health red. You have to use following tactic: leave PZ, hit 1-2 times and go back. We do this until we are sure that we are ready for real fight. After few minutes we hit 350 level. We can now face stronger monsters. We go south and enter SUPER HELLHOUNDS. We fight them until 450 level. Now, we can choose - STARZECS or CHRISTMAS DEERS. Your objective is to reach 700 level.


Entrance to the super VIP

If we have super VIP (available from Quest or SMS SHOP we go back to depo and more or less in the middle on the left side there is a door, that we can enter now.


701-1000 lvl

After entering it we see completely new, not yet known types of monsters we enter elfish ARCIERES and we kill them until 800 level. Then, we heard that if we go up we will find stronger member of Arcieres family - RED ARCIERE. We fight them until 1000 level.


1001-1300 lvl

After we reach that level, we go back to sVIP room and we go little to right and up we see SARAH. We want to meet them so we step in teleport. But they are not nice as expected. They are very strong beasts. It should be a challenge for us. We fight them until 1300 level.



After reaching this lvl we go on RESEFONA and exp until 1500 lvl.

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