Npc Harry    


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Difficulty is .
Recommended level is 5500.
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  • 5500lvl
  • Book
  • 25 violet collections
  • 30 jagoda collections
  • 5000 brown skins
  • 5000 death eyes


We begin quest by talking to Npc Harry, which can be found on spromo(VIP Ticket). To reach him we have to go east, then south from spawn area. NPC Harry has 5 quests for us. If we want to start a quest, write hi>help>mission1…mission5.


First quest is to bring him book, which can be found in chest on western Super Quaras resp. To find chest we go next to western wall of resp.


As a second quest, NPC order us to bring 25 violet collections (100 violet skins=1 violet collection; we can get them from monsters on spromo, Green Goblins on sVIP and events)

In third quest we have to bring to Harry 30 jagoda collections (100 jagoda skins=1 jagoda collection; we can get them from monsters on sVIP and events)

To complete 4th mission we have to bring to NPC 5000 brown skins, we can loot them from Dark Cultists on sVIP floor +1.


In last mission we have to bring to NPC Harry 5000 death eyes, which can be looted from Fallen Wizards on sVIP floor +1.


The prize for completing quest is 190 mld exp + utamo vita ring.

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