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Why to take jagodas, violets and cc?

On Memsoria there is a system of exchanging Gold ingots (1GI-100cc), jagoda skins (drops inter alia from Tempests, Sarah, Crawlers) and Violet skins (can be looted from every monster on sTicket, and on sVip from Green Goblins, Fallen wizards, Modox and Dark Cultist) for experience points.

Violet Skins


To exchange violet skins we need 500 of them, then we go to NPC Hugo and type hi-help-mission1-violet skins. Hugo can be found on sVip area (just go in direction where Green Goblins are and go upstairs) and sTicket (we go right and he is last NPC up). Award is 5 billion exp (5 000 000 000exp).

hugo svip

Jagoda skins


If we want to exchange them we need 700 Jagoda skins, if we have them - go to NPC Harmor and we talk to him: hi-help-mission1-jagoda skins. This NPC is on sVIP area(we go right and we can find him just behind quest on Frag Remover). Award is 5.5 billion exp (5 500 000 000exp).


Gold Ingots


As you probably know 1 Gold Ingot (GI)=100 Crystal coins (cc). GI we can also exchange for exp at NPC Hugo, and at NPC Harmor. You just have to say hi-help-mission2-gold ingots.. For giving them 90GI they will pay us 7 billion of exp (7 000 000 000exp).

hugo sticket

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