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Difficulty is .
Recommended level is 80.
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To complete this quest You just have to answer for 11 not simple questions! Note! If you will answer wrong, You will face death.


  • 80 lvl,
  • good knowledge of Tibia.

Quest is placed next to others quests

Quest is made from 11 questions, which are as follows:

1.In which year was Tibia made?

2. Where Cipsoft comes from ?
Answer:Niemcy, Germany

3. What does "tibia" means in Latin?
Answer:Kość piszczelowa, shinbone

4 What is the defense of Dragon Shield?

5. How do you call account status, where the player can have all the addons? Access
to the islands as Edron, more mana & HP per level etc?
Answer: PACC

6. Who first reached lvl 300 in Real Tibia?
Answer:Mateusz Dragon Wielki.

7. Expand abbreviation BOH in RL Tibia.
Answer:Boots of Haste/backpack of holding.

8. Which profession can use spell exori beam?
Answer: Pall.

9. Which command shows the best players?
Answer: !rank

10. What do you call a city where elves live in RL Tibia?
Answer: Ab'Dendriel

11.Which question is it?
Answer: 11.

The reward is: holy falcon and dark lord cape.

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