Noble Amulet Quest    


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Difficulty is .
Recommended level is 2000.
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  • sVIP
  • sPromo (VIP Ticket)
  • 2000lvl


We begin quest by typing !pointers or !pointers_pl, we should see window with 6 tips of 6 hidden places with 6 parts of amulet.

First part of amulet we can get in church. Teleport to church can be found in depo +1 (with text Church).

Second part of amulet we can get from chest on Morgaroth resp. Exp is on normal VIP, in the west.

We can get next part from chest which can be found on spromo, opposite to NPC Hugo. After entering spromo, we head east.

4 part is on Swiateczny Starzec exp, on normal vip. It is the first exp from top on the right side. After entering resp, go lower floor. Next we go through a narrow passage to the right, then we head north until we will see the chest.

Next part of Noble Amulet is on eastern resp of Brands. We stick to the northern edge of exp, until we will see entrance down. We go 2 floors down, where we should see chest with Burning Guard and 2 Brands.

To get last part of the amulet we have to go on Red Arciere exp. Teleport can be found north from Vip Anni Quest. While sticking to the western side of exp, we head north, until we will reach rock with entrance to higher floor. Then, we still stick to western wall, until we will reach descent. We should see chest west.

If we have 6 parts of Noble Amulet, we have to go to NPC Zonya, to receive prize. We have 2 options, NPC Zonya can be found next to NPC Hugo on spromo, and another can be found on temple floor +1. As reward for bringing 6 parts of amulet we get 9mld exp and 3x Ivory Bones.

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