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Recommended level is 80.
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  • 80lvl


Quest is about entering right releport, which will teleport us to next rooms. If we will enter wrong teleport we will be teleported at the beginning of the quest.

When you enter quest, head left, then right.

Until next tp we head south, then west.

Next tp is next to upper wall.

To reach forth tp, we go west, then north, then west again.

To fifth teleport, we go all east.

To reach next tp we go west, then north(tp is next to coffin).

Next tp can be found in upper right corner of room.

While being in next room, we enter tp which is closest to us.

While going right we will see 2 tp, 9 tp is next to upper wall.

To get through last room, we go north, then west until end of room. Tp can be found in upper part.

We can take now prizes :)

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