~Table of common commands available in game    
shows the list of commands available for players
!deathlist nick
shows list of deaths of any player
moves to VIP Zone, only for players from 150 to 499 lvl (1x use)
shows the list of frags
buy blesses
shows ammount of online players on server
!bounty gold,nick
send a request to kill player, more here
buy amulet of loss (aol)
shows uptime
vote yes
vote no
change sex, free
buy first promotion, cost: 2 cc
shows ranking of best players in Snake Game
/marriage info
shows info about conditions to marry player
shows ammount of money, which player has with him
to use this command, you have to stand in front of partner ;-)
shows spells available for your level and vocation
/me tekst
shows orange text with nick of player, example /me is brilliant!
shows info about server
shows players with highest levels
shows actual server status (Pvp, Non-Pvp)
buy pacc, free
!fire join
join FireStorm Arena
shows 4 guilds with highest frags and info about GuildsEXP
shows info about tasks (what the prizes are, how much exp do we get, monsters to kill, from what lvl you could complete it)
/msg name,text
More information here.

~Table available for traders
buy shovel, cost: 30 gp
buy backpack, cost: 20 gp
buy rope, cost: 30 gp
refill soft boots, cost: 2 cc
buy sudden death runes, cost: 120 gp
buy manarune, cost: 10 cc

~Table available for leaders (and vice) of guild
red message, which is delivered to every single member
changes outfit of logges members of guild to a current vice-leader/leader s addon

~Table available for house owners
aleta sio
in a window we can type list of players allowed to be in house
aleta som
edit a list of players, which can enter house, open/close doors
aleta grav
in a window we can edit list of players allowed to open/close doors
alana sio "nick
kick someone out of a house, but not permanently
buy house (you have to stay in front of doors)
leave house permanently

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