Demon Castle Event    
On our server you can find very fast and also hard quest. It is called - Demon Castle Event. It automaticly starts every 2 hours, you can know about this by red text message: Demon Castle opened! The entry will be closed for 5 minutes. To complete this quest you need to visit NPC called Archangel Messenger, which can be found downstairs depo.

You just need to greet him by saying, np. hi, and then use word event to ask him about quest. But first you need to prepare special item, which enables you to participate in this Quest. You just need 2 items, there they are:

  • Mystic Skull (drops from Demons),
  • Blood Amulet (drops from Hellhounds).
Now, you need to combinate two items, to get needed item. To do this you need to go downstairs depo and near NPC you can find special place.

On the left side put Mystic Skull, and on the right Blood Amulet. After the combination these two items you will get a Demon Ticket.

Then, after talk wtih NPC you will be moved to Wounded Archangel, which need your help. Greet him, and he will explain you, what you need to do.

He tells you that, monsters stolen his weapons and you have to bring them back to him. To do this go right and follow this way. You have to defeat dangerous monsters to reach the castle.

If you will be albe to pass first dangers you will need to destroy castle gate, to pass and recover lost items.

When you enter castle there are more monsters. When you defeat them you also need to take down guards, which defends weapons.

After getting rid of all dangers, take weapons from chests and bring them to Wounded Archangel.

When you bring lost weapons to Wounded Archangel, he will reward you for all the difficulties. You will get experience and items. They are Elven Armor and Skull Helmet. So it is worth to complete this Quest. I wish goodluck for all brave players wanting to complete this fast, but hard quest!

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