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Snake Game    
On our server you can try playing a Snake Game! Trust me - it can be great fun - especially on Hard. Below we present short instructions that you can use. I invite you to read. At the bottom there can be also found Highscores.

First of all - entrance to this game can be found in Depo. Check the image below.

Then you will be teleported to cool designed room. You can find there some teleports and levers.

You can choose the difficulty of game. Hard is the fastest, medium is... medium, and easy is easy... - you know - for noobs.

When you use the lever you will be teleported to arena. You can move snake by pressing CTRL + Arrows. Your objective is to get cake and dont hit walls or snake itself.

After you crash (everyone crashes... at last) you will be teleported back to first room and you will be notified how many points you got.

You can also use /snake_points to see the ranking for Snake Game.

You can also go to Audience teleport and observe other players.
# Player Name Points Difficulty
1. Xermo 82 Easy
2. Bawaria 54 Medium
3. Savatin 45
4. Keitaro 41
5. Blacknigger 38
6. Kiero Here 37 Medium
7. Ciumeek 37 Medium
8. Slowik 33
9. Sebaxd 30 Easy
10. Night Warrior 29
11. Tolo 28 Easy
12. Mareczekkkk 25 Easy
13. Klany Rp 19 Easy
14. Zenkus 17 Easy
15. Thor Wladca Piorunow 17
16. Rzeznik Vixa 13 Easy
17. Hyper 10 Medium
18. Tosieko Druid 9 Easy
19. Julian 8 Medium
20. Canibal 7 Medium

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