Vengoth Quest    

On the back of Quest Room, you will see a teleport to Vengoth Quest (only for 300 levels). Just enter the doors and go into teleport...

At the beginning you will have to face Serpent Spawns and Hydras.

Above you can see the map which leads you to old man - it is your target.

Next you have to talk to NPC.

Then, we are heading to Temple (marked on map), where you have to face Deranged Followers.

At the top of the building you will see the stairs (the signs will lead you). We descend two levels.

Now, you have to find and click "USE" on every monument.







Use the lever, which can be found in upper part of the location.

It is done and... you are in heaven! There is nothing to do there at this moment, so you can easily go to the first location, where you have few things to do.

The place marked with "QUESTY" is our target.

Go up the stairs...

Then you will see next NPC! Start conversation, write "help", and then choose one task and write one, which you are interested in ("mission 1", "mission 2", "mission 3").

If you will accomplish those mission the next prizes are yours!

The Crazy Hat.

You know the fun from the prize.

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