Elemental Island    
It is open for every player, but will you be able to pass their challanges? Lots of explorers went on an adventure, but only a few returned. Entrance is in TP Room on -1 floor. If you will kill all monsters you will get access to chest with prizes. Are you sure that you want to risk? Remember, these monsters are strong creations which resps every 10 minutes.

In the mountains among green forest, where air becomes sour, the Hafaros is hiding. Hydras and dragons are protecting road to him. It is almost impossible to fight your way to him, but feasible.

Tanathos lives in hell - the Virwen. On your way to him you have to kill lots of demons and hellhounds. It would be really hard to kill him.

Blobber is peaceful, he doesnt like when someone is standing on his territory. On Island there are also his brothers Blappy and Blobby.

Freezer is powerful and kill with cold blood. You have to be careful. One bad move and it can be too late. Before you can face him you have to kill Ice Witches and Frost Dragons.

After you kill bosses and take loot from them, you will get a prize. Choose wisely, because you can choose only one weapon.

  • Epic Sword (Atk:73, Def:37), available for knights with min. 65 lvl.
  • Meginata MX (Atk:70, Def:35), available from 25 lvl.
  • Gandalfs Staff (Atk:75, Def:30), available from 40 lvl.
  • Crystal Wand, available from magic vocations from 15 lvl.

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