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Below we present list of files/programs, which - we hope so, will easier your game on Memsoria. All files are safe (dont have any viruses, keyloggers etc.) and they are from safe source.

Memsoria OTClient

Dodatki w kliencie: wbudowany bot, nowy interfejs i więcej cech klasycznej tibii.
MemsoriaOT - Our private game client. Download and play!Download
Tibia 8.6 - Tibia game client with 8.6 prefix. You have to use IP Changer with this release.Windows
IP Changer - Program used to change Tibia game client IP. By downloading it you support our server.Windows
ElfbotNG (+ Crack) - One of the best Tibia 8.6 bots.
The articles for Elfbot:

1) How to make icons?
2) Basic scripts for Elfbot.
3) Main instruction - what to do?
4) Main hotkeys for your bot.
5) Other useful scripts.
Download (*mega.nz)
Waypointy do Expowisk (Elfbot) - Waypointy do większości expowisk na VIPie, sVIPie i sPromo (Super Promotion) pod Elfbota!

Wgrywa się je do folderu /scripts/
Elfbot Windows 7 (64 bits) - Previous Elfbot does not working? Try it. Specially for Windows 7 with 64 bits.Download
Item Kalkulator for Memsoria

Item Kalkulator przeliczający ilość koniecznych violet collections, jagoda collections, diamond ingots, gold ingots oraz sEXP Medali u danego NPC na dany lvl.
Orkbot 8.6 - Similar to Elfbot. For these who can not use elfbot.Download
Winrar - Needed to open ElfbotNG. Without it you can not install ElfbotNG. It is neccessary!Download
Ventrilo 2.1.4 - Voice communicator.

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