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Difficulty is .
Recommended level is 50.
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Run Event

Every day at 4PM RunEvent starts. To join it you have to be in PZ and type !run join. After typing this command you will be teleported with others on the beginning of the race.

run start

Event is about to reach finish line before other players. You do not have to worry that you will not win with 10k level because you are 50 lvl. Why? On Run Event every player has the same speed and can not use haste spells.

You can win following various prizes:

  • Frag remover (removes all our frags and destroys RS/BS)
  • House item (we can take other player house who did not log in for 5 days)
  • Exp scroll (gives us 1 billion experience)
  • Exp medal (gives us 8 billion exp)
  • Super Exp Medal
  • Ice star (weapon for sorcerers, which deals 550-800 damage)

If you will be stuck during event you just have to use mana rune or health rune.

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